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Proplink operates a registered real estate management business which deals with property management for both resident and non-resident Zimbabwean as well as property valuation services for prospective property buyers. Proplink can facilitate the purchase and sell of  property including the due diligence required to safeguard the interests of buyers especially those residing in a different market from where the property is being acquired. The division can also facilitate insurance payments for owned properties in Zimbabwe.


The company is also involved the sale of immovable property on the Open Market which includes residential, commercial, industrial, smallholdings, agricultural and specialized properties on behalf of the general public, public and private institutions.


The company offers property management services on behalf of absentee landlords for a fee. Services provided include but not restricted to:

  • Selection of new tenants.
  • Collection of all rentals.
  • Carrying out scheduled property inspections and producing property reports and recommendations to the Lessor and Lessee.
  • Settlement of accounts as required such as rates, insurance, repairs and service contracts.
  • Day to day management of the properties and attending to problems as they arise.
  • Rent reviews where appropriate.

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