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Money TransfersSend your loved ones money locally or internationally with us- its safe. Fast. Convinient & Reliable

Sending requirements and service fees.

Domestic Money Transfer Fee Table Outbound Fee Table
Amount Fee Amount Fee
$ 2-$25   USD 2-100 15
$ 26-$26   USD101-200 22
$ 51-$150   USD201-300 29
Above $150  4% USD301-400 34
    USD401-500 42

What you will need for a fast transaction

  1. A valid identity document &purpose of funds.
  2. Receiver’s details
  3. receiver’s name as it appears on the identity document acceptable in the receiving/destination country.
  4. Receiver’s address and telephone numbers.

Special sending requirements-South Africa

Receiver must be a legal resident in possession of a proof of residence supported by a work permit, student permit or payslip.

Kindly note that the redemption of funds transfered will not include the transfer fees & is subject to western union review.