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Homelink exploring modern tech and financial inclusion

Friday, September 13, 2019

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RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe subsidiary Homelink (Pvt) Ltd has been on a drive to buttress government efforts to revive the economy through various projects ranging from diaspora remittances to housing. Last year, Homelink launched a programme to support the growth of micro- enterprises.

Business reporter Cloudine Matola (CM) this week spoke to Homelink MD Desmund Ali (DA) about this and other initiatives. Below are excerpts of the interview:

CM: Homelink has become a name associated with pioneering diaspora remittance services in Zimbabwe. How have you been faring, considering that there are now many players in the market and what is your outlook in 2019?

DA: We have been in the market since 2010 and continue to be a strong force in the remittance space with a market share of 25% as at half year. Our customers are happy and are receiving their hard currency hassle-free. We are actually running a thank you campaign in partnership with Western Union across Zimbabwe, rewarding our loyal customers.

We have introduced bureau de change services at competitive rates in all our 26 branches to provide convenience to all those who require the service and we are guaranteeing cash.

For what remains of 2019, we want to promise our clients United States dollar cash availability, excellent service as well as continuous improvement and innovation on our current offering.

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