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Sector Investment Opportunities

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Talk to us about investing in any of the following sectors, Manufacturing, Mining, Tourism, Agriculture, Services and Utility.

Sector Opportunity
MANUFACTURING Textiles Cotton ginning, spinning, weaving, finishing textiles and knitting products
Clothing & Footwear Wearing apparels and footwear
Chemicals Fertilizers, insecticides, pests, paints, varnishes, soaps, detergents, inks, glues, polishes, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, petroleum products, rubber and plastic products
Wood & Furniture Saw milling, wooden products, furniture and fixtures
Metal& Metal products Machinery and equipment, radio and communication equipment
Technology Information processing, computer assembly, solar technology and consumer electronics
MINING Mining Prospecting and mining of various minerals including gold, coal, diamond, granite and platinum.
Investment in the beneficiation of the minerals e.g. cutting and polishing of diamonds, Jewellery manufacturing and tile manufacturing. Quarrying and mineral exploration
TOURISM Infrastructure Dvpt Construction of hotels and lodges in designated Tourism zones, Theme Parks and make Zimbabwe Africa’s tourism hub.
Tourism services Running and operating tourist facilities e.g. in the South East of the country
AGRICULTURE Agro-processing Value addition in the agriculture sector, eg, meat processing, fruit juices, horticulture and floriculture, processing of cotton lint, sugar milling and timber processing.
Agro-forestry Primary production of food and cash crops, Primary horticulture, game, wild life ranching, livestock, Poultry farming, fishing and fish farming
SERVICES Construction Medium priced residential accommodation, Commercial and industrial buildings (industrial parks, factory shells & office accommodation
Infrastructure Development of Toll roads, building and upgrading of airports, construction of dams and bridges, building of power generators & transmission facilities, construction and upgrading of telecommunication facilities
  Transport Road haulage, tourist transport, car hire and taxis
Utility Water Water reticulation plants
  Electricity 18 Hydropower Potential existing dams not yet licensed
15 Hydropower Potential future dams