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Organization Structure

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Homelink Properties

Homelink Properties focuses on property development; it is a Strategic Business Unit that provides affordable and reliable property solutions to all Zimbabweans.  Its main thrust is real estate business. The unit prides itself in offering real estate needs for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and locals.

Homelink Investments

Scans for investment opportunities on behalf of clients and also offers investment advisory services. It is a strategic business unit which facilitates investments in all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy, creating and managing wealth for Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora.

Homelink Money Transfers

It is a registered agent of Western Union International, and is responsible for sending and receiving money worldwide. Homelink has fourteen branches countrywide.

Homelink Finance (Pvt) Ltd

It offers mortgage finance, consumer loans and SME loans. Mortgage finance on offer includes construction; home improvement and property purchase loans. The mortgage finance facility can be accessed by both the Local and Diaspora community. Available consumer loans are salary based and can be accessed by civil service and private sector employees. These loans can be consumptive or non-consumptive loans.

The SME loans basket houses such facilities as the Tourism Support, Horticulture Export, Business Linkages facilities, Asset Finance and Productive loans, among many other financial initiatives meant to improve capacity and enhance competitiveness in the various sectors.

Not only does Homelink Finance offer loans, it also assists in financial literacy training so as to ensure that individuals and companies come up with sustainable and viable business projects that are aimed at improving their communities and the country’s economy at large.

Homelink Finance’s vision is to assist SMEs to grow into well run, bigger companies that are able to produce more, employ more and ultimately grow their profits towards blue chip company status.

Business Units

Homelink Money Transfers Profile


For 8 years now in partnership with Western Union, we have ensured an easy and convenient way of ensuring loved ones across the world can exchange money It goes beyond a transaction – Its sending and receiving love, education, shelter, transport, food. We are the safe. Fast. Convenient. Reliable link between Zimbabwe and the diaspora when it comes to remittances. With 25 branches across Zimbabwe across Zimbabwe our clients can easily access their money. 

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