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Ms Jean Maguranyanga

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Board Chairperson

Ms Maguranyanga has experience in the Public Sector, having worked as an Assistant Legal Officer/Prosecutor. She also worked for Parliament as an Assistant Legal Advisor and as a Lecturer in the Private Law Department of the Faculty of Law, University of Zimbabwe where she taught and conducted research in Commercial and Corporate Law.

She also accumulated a wealth of expertise in the banking and finance sector while working at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe firstly as a Legal Advisor and subsequently as the Bank Secretary/Director Corporate Affairs and Public Relations. At the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, she provided legal advice to the Board and the Bank as a whole. She drafted various complex financial agreements and made initial drafts of various statutes and regulations impacting on the activities of the Bank and the banking sector in general.

Her assignments included working on legal documentation with regional banks, other international banks and multi-lateral organisations.

She was also part of the SADC Legal Working Group which came up with the SADC Model Law for Central Banks.
Ms Maguranyanga holds a Bachelor of Law (BL) and Bachelor of Laws (LLB), degrees from the University of Zimbabwe; a Master of Laws degree (LLM) in Commercial and Corporate Law (International Business Law) from the University of London, United Kingdom and a Diploma in Banking and Finance from Manchester Business School, United Kingdom.

Her various other notable roles included being one of a four Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe group of officials appointed to investigate and set up systems at the then Zimbabwe Building Society, investigate the activities of then United Merchant Bank, part of two member team that set up the Deposit Protection Board now Deposit Protection Corperation of Zimbabwe and being appointed as one of the first ten Commissioners, the then Competition Commission.

She has sat on various boards and was one of the first ten commissions to the then Competition Commission which was subsequently merged during their tenure with the Tariff Commission to form the now Competition and Tariff Commission. The commissionaires set up the Competition and Tariff commission, being responsible for among other things the review of the drafting of the relevant legislation putting policies for the operationalization of the commissioner and recruitment of staff.

She also sits on various Boards of Directors and is a member of a number of professional bodies.